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so i live in ohio and there is lots of woods up there, my backyard is technically just open to the forest because there are no fences. so technically its maybe not my yard but you know what i mean haha.

but i was out there because i needed to clean up a bit and decided to go a bit further into the woods because sometimes people litter back there too... i like to try and clean all the up... but i found something. it was NOT just a knife or something, it was a gun... like a pistol??? O_O it was not new exactly either, it was pretty covered in dirt and some of the plants so it had been there a while!

i did not want to touch it because who knows where its been, also i have never used a gun in my life so i was nervous to handle it at all haha... so i did call the police and they took it so they could ID it but i haven't heard anything from them, i thought maybe they might tell me but who knows... i want to find out


I'm Not Sure Any Random Gun Would Be A Murder Weapon... It May Just Be A Gun, You know...


it COULD be the case but it is a mystery otherwise! plus how many people are finding guns in their backyards anyways lol?


There Is Always A "Could" Until Prooven Otherwise, I Understand... But It Is Silly To Come Here Without A Follow Up, TBH. Honeslty I Think You're More Likely To Find Something Like That In The City, With How Many People There Are The Chances Are MUCH More Likely.


i said UNSOLVED murder because my area has had unsolved murders so the chances of it being a unsolved murder weapon is much higher... there was a murder at a gas station near the freeway like a year ago. it was just a robbery but i think it could be one related to that.


You could have lead your thread with that -___-


SullivanC: Honeslty I Think You're More Likely To Find Something Like That In The City

I disagree honestly I think it wouldn't be easy at all lol... I mean, are you digging through he trash? The alley ways? Thats probably where someone would throw that shit away... And cops are waaay more on top of that stuff in the city. In the middle of no where it is super easy to toss weapons and run.


Hmmm you seem knowledgable on where to toss a weapon dude... is it something you have expirience doing? :P


I don't think okanaru could be a murderer... its reaaally hard not getting away with shit. it'd probably be aladallas lol. bets on when she'll get caught?


Guys... Carefull on the murderer jokes lol.