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Recently my friend and I were on a road trip to go from Oregon to southern California, and we both always love driving through the smaller towns or back roads to get places especially because you can always see some kind of strange towns and buildings on the way there and Nevada is a huge state with lots of empty space so I was eager if we would see anything at all

So we were driving down and there really was absolutely nothing but eventually we decided to drive down a road that would eventually have some tourist traps because those are always fun lol but when we were driving up on this pretty high cliff road we could see a small town below but it was abandoned i think? but it didn't even look old it just seemed empty and like no one was living there anymore which i never see with towns that don't look very old... My friend pointed out it also looked like there was a active town not even that far from this one which is SUPER weird because why would there be two towns right next to each other and one is abandoned?

It was pretty creepy to be honest I would love to know if anyone else has seen stuff like this or have theories on why it would be like that?


That is very strange if that is the case! I live in a big city, so big I hardly ever get to go out to try and find strange little towns... And a normally populated town with an abandoned part not far away? That is the kind of strange I would love to explore myself.

I hear about really really old towns sometimes being located in places that end up being dangerous. Especially old mining towns where mining real deep can cause some toxic chemicals to release into the air, or that they got later technology that revealed the place theyre in is dangerous for some other reason. Maybe it all looks relatively normal because they left before it got worse... but it is even more strange if the houses look "new" like you said.


Yes it really did look new I think I would say it really didn't look more than 20 years that it was abandoned maybe even less than that?


Only that old would be very very weird indeed. I guess it would be hard to ask more details since you were on a trip and I assume you can't go back now. Maybe on your way home from your trip you can get a better look? Were there any roads that seemed to go there?


aladallas: Maybe it all looks relatively normal because they left before it got worse... but it is even more strange if the houses look "new" like you said..

I actually knew someone who lived in a town where that happened! I know they were in the west too so it would be interesting to know where they were. Maybe if they're in Nevada I could ask if they knew any towns like that. It IS weird it would be new and not old though, but There is a local school where I live that didn't know there were toxic chemicals under ground until a few years ago. So its not completely impossible for a place to be so new but entirely abandoned... considering most other places around the school are still active, I guess the city deemed it safe enough... But there is a chance they closed the school only because its the fact kids were getting exposed. Maybe the rest of us don't matter haha.


The remnants of towns left behind are always interesting to analyze. As others already said, it is hard to know exactly what you saw unless we also know where it is. But I have heard of places similar to this. Are you sure it was a town? Or did it look more like a makeshift settlement? Maybe a big campsite? There are many times where a cult, following, or otherwise, create their own settlement. But because they don't often last long, they don't look nearly as advanced as a normal established town.
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This is a great question. Please let us know Freya, if you could tell


sorry i took a bit to answer, i got busy. yeah it is hard to say since it has been a while since we actually were there but i dont think it looked like a normal town exactly. maybe not a campsite but it looked kind more like sheds and stuff rather than a lot of houses i think. the roads were all dirt around it too if that might mean anything? maybe it was just a campsite. but it looked more like homes were there


Yeah, that's interesting for sure. I wish we could find out more about what you saw. I know it's likely nothing but... It's hard not to wonder more when we can't actually see it. Hoping someone out there maybe knows what place you're talking about and sees it too.