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i am one of those people who loves to be in creepy places at creepy times. like at night. i am sure we have all been to a gas station on the way home from a long trip in the middle of the night and it is always kind of spooky to me.. so i was out kind of far from home last night because i was visiting my mom. i had to take a different route that kind of went out of the way because the road was under contruction (of course) and then i had to stop at this crappy little gas station because the road was way longer. the outside thing that covers the gas pumps had no lights for some reason so all there was were the lights inside the building.. donno why there weren't any other lights... so anyways i went inside to get some water and also use the bathroom (they are always so gross but i couldn't wait lol). there was also some teenager working behind the counter who did not look at me as i passed by so anyways i did use the bathroom but when i stepped out of the door i am convinced i did see something outside the window.. it was mostly a black mass but i could make out some eyes before i saw it run away from the corner of my eye when i tried to leave the place.

listen i am not that into cryptids but... i think i really understand why people get so obsessed when they see it themselves! i went to the guy at the counter to pay for my water and i probably looked a little spooked because he did look at me weird. but i didn't say anything because i know people would not beleive me at all... i also realized that teen looked high as heck so i think i would scare him more if i said i think i saw a creature outside lol...


did you see any more of it or describe it more? maybe someone here can help you figure out what it was?? also like you dont need to say where you live too but that could help... i think when my friend saw a figure that was only black they thought it was mothman maybe because they lived in a area it gets reported most! but it was way smaller. and also the eyes were red which is the color eyes i think mothman has too.


i dont think it was mothman because it was on the ground looking at me! like it was standing behind the window! it was so dark though and the lights outside not being on just made it blend in... i am in the midwest, not sure what kind of things get spotted out here. i do here way too much about aliens out here though... but i am not sure about aliens...


okay i did a drawing of it. to try and explain what i mean of what i saw... sorry its so bad. i dont draw lol.


I love this haha. But you are right, it seems like it is some kind of ground creature. Honestly, may not even be something like a typical cryptid with a name... there are all kinds of variants. Especially with alien, in my opinion. That seems far more likely to me.