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i'm curious if anyone here has talked about henry mccloud here? there are some weird conspiracies about him i have seen before and i live near the same city he did, so there are some real dedicated crazy people. there is like some meet up that happens near town where they talk about it and i dont know if anyone else knows how strange it gets. i mostly hear about the idea that he died on purpose in order for his death to be a distraction from his daughter who was supposedly laundering loads of money for their family in the background. i think


i heard another about how his death was a way to get pity points for the family and his uncle who was in senate and they were able to pass that law that lets people keep doing horrible expirimental shit to real humans in order to make "better progress" in health even though its fucked up. his family was well into the science feild. people thought his son was autstic right? i wouldn't be surprised if they used him as some kind of guinea pig.


oh that is a HORRIBLE theory, wow. had no idea anyone thought that


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That second one makes my skin crawl. But I will be honest, that's an easy one to believe. We don't know much of anything about what happened leading to his death and there is little evidence his family ever knew he had mental problems too. It was like some tragedy that lined up well with, as mentioned, the law that was passed not long after... Which has been used to justify some awful experiments using people with schizophrenia and other psychotic mental problems. I don't think he killed himself because of it though, that is what is too conspiracy for my taste.


Conspiracies are always weird because I feel like they can, at times, be almost realistic. But then there is one or two things that are just completely nonsense. But I think it shows there is a lot to look into with some of these cases. It makes me wonder why the police don't look any further into this stuff but, I guess it's because there is no evidence to go off of. Which then goes back to how realistic these theories even are. It sounds awful to think of any of these being real, honestly. Maybe it's best we don't know sometimes, but it is enjoyable to try and answer the questions.


yeah honestly i think even hearing some of these and thinking they sound logical make that true... i have a grandpa who is very into conspiracy stuff and some of it really is stupid and doesn't make sense haha. but also there's some that almost feel like they could be true, idk.