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Welcome to Twisted Roots!

Twisted Roots is a forum focused on mystery of the real world and wanting to understand them. The paranormal, unsolved crimes, those creepy stories you tell at sleep overs... Talk to others about strange things and maybe even understand them further.. or discover something new yourself?

However you came across our little place, doesn't matter... so long as you follow the rules before posting.


RULE #1: No harrasing/revealing personal information/illegal activity

This all falls under the same thing. It's just "be smart and dont be an asshole". Plus, don't accidentally imply you did a crime. Joking about stuff is okay until you make it actually seem like you did a crime. It could get you (or the forum!) in trouble. And I hope thats easy to do! Or else get out.

RULE #2: This is not your diary!

Don't tell your sob story or use this forum like a journal. This forum is for all discussions for dark topics but those dark topics aren't how you see demons who tell you to kill someone. Any "casual" posting should still relate to the forum-- stuff like posting about seeing something weird while on a walk, a friend telling you a story about an apparent murder they heard about, doing a lesson in class that reminded you of a topic to talk about here... and so on.

RULE #3: NO real life videos or images of death/gore/violence

Straight forward. This forum is not for hosting videos or images of gross shit. Kind of falls in line with illegal stuff too. The discussion of real death/violence is allowed if it is on topic.

RULE #4: Again, don't be stupid

I probably forgot something and if I did, and you think someone is breaking a rule or you have questions in general, email me at admin@twistedroots.net